About us

ATOL CPR is a official training site of the American Heart Association(AHA), American Safety & Health Institute(ASHI) and American Red Cross(ARC). We provide individual and group training at sessions. We also provide corporate on site training at your location. Availability includes days, evenings and weekends to fit your staffing and scheduling needs. Call today to determine the type of training that’s right for you.


ATOLCPR is driven to help businesses, professional healthcare providers, and lay-people in our community attain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform CPR and first-aid that may assist in saving lives or the treatment and prevention of injury or illness. In addition, we strive to make the classroom environment comfortable, fun, and encourage participation from everyone. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations of excellence. Our vision is to continue to be recognized as leaders in CPR and Safety training throughout the Southeast.


Nicole and Raykel are a dynamic instructor collaborative team that delivers courses which are knowledge filled, fun, effective and relatable. They are well prepared, have great communication, adaptability and flexibility. They have enjoyed that last 5 years promoting their love of instructing and life saving skills.